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Nurosym is pioneering a new class of technology that uses bioelectrical signals targeted to neural circuits of organs, improving health without surgery or drugs. As a clinically focused company founded on science, Nurosym’s primary focus is developing evidence based noninvasive drug-free neuromodulation.

Nurosym at a Glance


First CE-Marked non-invasive vagal neuromodulation system

Innovative Investment

$10M invested in clinical research with patented Nurosym technology

Milestone Achievement

Over 3 million treatment sessions successfully completed

Scientific Validation

More than 30 peer-reviewed clinical study publications on Nurosym

Extensive Collaboration

Collaborating with over 60 world-class research partners

Robust Exploration

Over 60 ongoing clinical trials underway

Nurosym Results from 30+ Clinical Trials

Vagus Nerve Activity

61% increase in 5 minutes

Vagus Nerve Activity

90% increase after 2 months of daily use

Long-Covid Symptoms

Fatigue, Brain Fog, GI Symptoms, Pain

61% improvement


48% improvement


19% improvement


78% improvement

Depression Score

45% improvement

Heart Rate Variability

18% increase

POTS Tachycardia

40% improvement

Oxidative Stress

28% reduction


32% improvement


29% improvement


50% improvement


39% improvement

Results in specific study populations. Individual results may vary.

How does Nurosym Work

The Mechanisms of Nurosym Neuromodulation

Nurosym sends patented electrical impulses to the brain via the Vagus Nerve, with clinical trial results showing:

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Meet the Doctors

Dr. Elisabetta Burchi - Nurosym

Dr. Elisabetta Burchi, MD, MBA

Translational research lead at Parasym

A practicing doctor of psychiatry, Elisabetta has an MBA from INSEAD Business School, and experience in direct patient care, neuroscience research, communication and management. Dr. Burchi is a physician-scientist, working with Parasym in clinical affairs with a track record of publishing in the most important scientific journals such as The Lancet, writing successful grant proposals for the NIH, and leading the production of editorial, clinical, regulatory and promotional material in collaborative multidisciplinary teams. Dr. Burchi has also coordinated clinical trials and implemented a tele-medicine practice which received a certification of excellence among more than 100,000 professionals.