Restore our collective health

What’s more important than good health? We’re able to enjoy life and solve problems better when we’re healthy.

What motivates us

One in four of us will struggle with our mental health.

The primary approach of prescription pharmaceuticals leaves many at a loss.

On average only 30% will see benefits from pharmaceuticals. As many as half will struggle with their side effects.

Despite this reality, we've made huge leaps in our understanding of the human body and the gateways to restoring health.

Our vision

We believe that if we can start to improve the health of our heart and mind, we can then improve the health of our planet.

How we deliver

We do this through accelerating the research, development and commercialisation of innovative and impactful neurotechnology that can significantly improve human health at scale. 

We then commit 1% of our sales revenue and time to focusing on improving the health of our planet. 

Our work

After years of R&D with the world's leading clinical research centers we've developed the product we felt was missing- an easy home therapy that doesn’t compromise.


Parasym / 10923314
4th Floor, 18 St Cross St
London, EC1N 8UN
United Kingdom

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