Maintain a calm and stable state through neuromodulation

Nurosym rewires your nervous system by delivering small, targeted electrical impulses to the brain via the Vagus Nerve.

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Bewahren Sie einen ruhigen und stabilen Zustand durch Neuromodulation

Nurosym verdrahtet Ihr Nervensystem neu, indem es kleine, gezielte elektrische Impulse über den Vagusnerv an das Gehirn liefert.

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Mantieni uno stato calmo e stabile attraverso la neuromodulazione

Nurosym riconfigura il tuo sistema nervoso erogando piccoli impulsi elettrici mirati al cervello tramite il nervo vago.

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Trusted by over 60 internationally recognised institutions.

“Bioelectric medicine is one of the most exciting new fields in modern science… and Nurosym is a game-changer”

Clinically validated, wearable neurotech, in the palm of your hand.

Introducing Nurosym.

Trusted, proven, easy.

Proprietary technology, supported by peer reviewed clinical trials. Read about the science behind Nurosym.

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Nurosym Stories

After a couple of weeks I suddenly realised, “I feel like me again.” The depression has lifted and I have the get up and go, Thank you folks :)

Michael, from Hereford

When I got the device, two days later, suddenly I had so much energy, I felt… something is good!

Sarit, from London

I’ve looked into a number of approaches to reset my nervous system, the one that’s given me the most obvious change is Nurosym.

Terry, from Hove

It’s an amazing product. Honestly I’ve seen such a huge difference, I don’t have as many days where I’m so exhausted I can barely move.

Francesca, from London

I ordered it online, and I can honestly say, within a few days of using it, the symptoms disappeared.

Lucy, from London

It has been invaluable to me in reducing anxiety and helped me tackle depression.

Bryan, from Banchory

I started using Nurosym, and noticed most of my symptoms disappeared overnight... I was in awe. 

Ashley, from London

While I can still have bad days, I am much more stable and less prone to such destructive dips in mood.

Robert, from Carlisle

It has exceeded my expectations and I would happily recommend it to anyone with a diagnosed vagus nerve disorder and depression/anxiety. 

Pamela, from Northhants

Because of my inflammatory pain I couldn't walk more than 3 meters at a time, now I'm walking around the lake with my kids!

Ruth, from Cheshire

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Certified & Patented

Nurosym is a certified and patented medical device that has gone through multiple randomised placebo controlled trials.

30 Day Guarantee

We are so confident that Nurosym will work for you that if you aren’t happy after 30 days, we’ll give you a full refund.

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