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Safe and effective targeted modulation of the Vagus Nerve to Break Out of Burnout.

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Breakout of Burnout with the neuromodulation

Nurosym delivers safe and targeted electrical impulses to the brain via the Vagus Nerve to help rewire your brain to beat burnout!Beat Burnout Today!

Beat Burnout Today!

Impaired and Reduced Vagal Activity has been Linked to an Increase in Burnout Symptoms.

Burnout Symptoms can Range from the Physical to the Emotional. Here are some of the symptoms commonly associated with Burnout that Nurosym helps with by stimulating your Vagus Nerve:

  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Stomach Aches & Myriad Intestinal Issues
  • Fatigue & Brain Fog
  • Tendency for Frequent Illness
  • Irregular Sleeping/Eating Patterns
  • Depression & Feelings of Helplessness
  • Loss of Motivation & Increase in Cynicism
  • Sense of Impending Doom or Increased Self-Doubt
  • Negative Behavioral Changes
  • Increased Procrastination
  • Increased Tendency towards Substance Abuse

Here’s a more in-depth look at how our technology helps you beat burnout.

45% improvement in depression symptoms & improved mood

Nurosym neuromodulation decreased depression symptoms & improved mood in only 5 days of treatment.

The Parasym study revealed that a ten-day treatment regimen of Nurosym led to significant improvements in participants, alleviating chronic symptoms of depression and brain fog.

Health implications:

1.   Memory & cognitive enhancement

2.   Productivity

3.   Brain Fog

4.   Alzheimer’s & Dementia

5.   Social functioning

6.   Long-Covid


Parasym clinical trial, Verbanck et al., 2021, Adv Neurol Neurosci Res

(Figure) The figure shows the evolution of the Beck depression scale (D0: day 0, D5: day 5 and D10: day 10). The results showed a noticeable improvement in mood, registering approximately 45% on the Beck Depression Scale. The individual values and the median are shown.

13% improvement in sleep

Parasym study involving daily Nurosym neuromodulation demonstrated significant improvements in global sleep scores over a 2-week period. In the group with an active neuromodulation program, there was a ~13% improvement in global sleep scores. Nurosym therapy may address sleep concerns in community-dwelling adults and it exhibits harmless effects on sleep improvement compared to drug treatment.


Parasym clinical trial, Jackowska et al., 2022, Autonomic Neuroscience

(Figure) The study assessed changes in global sleep scores (PSQI) in 68 individuals who underwent 14 days of either active Nuorsym neuromodulation (blue and red lines) or sham stimulation (green and orange lines). The predictions, shown with 95% confidence intervals, considered various factors like sleep scores, time, group, phase, age, gender, and their interactions. tVNS: transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation

Inflammation throughout the body and brain can contribute to disease development, premature aging, and mental health problems.

Cytokines are the main biomarkers (measures) of inflammation in the body.

In a randomized controlled trial, inflammatory cytokines were significantly lower in the group that received Nurosym neuromodulation compared to the placebo group at the end of 3 months. The study presented the changes in two inflammatory biomarkers: Tumor necrosis factor (TNF)‐α and Interleukin (IL)‐8 after Nurosym therapy.

Health implications:

1.   Cardiovascular health (AF, HF, Hypertension)

2.   Anti-ageing & Longevity

3.   Muscle pain

4.   Chronic pain

5.   Mental health conditions

6.   Autoimmune conditions (e.g. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn’s Disease)

7.   Post-viral syndromes (Long-Covid, Lyme Disease)

8.   IBS, GERD & other GI symptoms


Parasym clinical trial, Stavrakis et al., 2023, Journal of American Heart Association

(Figure A, B) In a three-month study employing the Nurosym device for heart failure patients, notable improvements (*P < 0.05) were noted in inflammatory biomarkers: (A) Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF)‐α exhibited a ~23% reduction, while (B) Interleukin (IL)‐8 showed a marked ~61.3% reduction. The investigation specifically targeted participants with elevated baseline inflammation levels.

Even if we get down to the very basics of it, Nurosym helps one improve their heart health.

Studies show that acute psychosocial stress as well as chronic stress reduce one’s heart rate variability (HRV).

And sufferers of Burnout can attest to living with stress for significant lengths of time which affects overall heart health.

Now, let’s take a look at how Neuromodulation with Nurosym helps with HRV:

Effects[2] of just 1 hour of Nurosym Therapy:

One hour session of Nurosym favourably altered all three parameters of Heart Rate Variability (HRV), when compared to a placebo.

Figure (a) shows High Frequency HRV is significantly increased (*p=0.001). Figure (b) shows Low Frequency HRV is significantly decreased (*P=0.001). Figure (c) shows the ratio of LF to HF is significantly decreased (*p=0.002).

HRV is an indicator of Vagus Nerve activity. Improving these parameters of HRV indicates targeted stimulation of the Vagus nerve and activation of specific mechanisms that reverse chronic fatigue and improve mood.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a biomarker of Parasympathetic “rest and digest” system activation, indicating a balanced nervous system often associated with increased vagus nerve activity. In clinical trials, a one-hour session of Nurosym favourably altered three key parameters of Heart Rate Variability (HRV), when compared to placebo. These findings indicate an activation of the parasympathetic "rest and digest" system, coupled with a decrease in the "fight or flight" response.

(Figure) In the study, fatigue was assessed using the Pichot fatigue scale scores during treatment (D0: day 0, D5: day 5 and D10: day 10). The results revealed a substantial reduction in fatigue, registering approximately 48% and highly significant improvement (D0 vs. D10, p < 0.0001) after Nurosym neuromodulation treatment. The individual values and the median are shown.)

Nurosym FAQs

We recommend using Nurosym for 1 hour each day, however, benefits can be seen with as little as 15 minutes daily of use.

Nurosym neuromodulation is considered safe when used as intended. Nurosym is a Certified Medical Device meaning it’s safety has been confirmed in more than 30 clinical trials consisting of thousands of participants. In each case, 0 serious adverse effects have been observed. Be sure to read the important safety information before use.

If you try Nurosym daily for 30 days and aren’t happy with your results, we’ll send you a refund.

Feel free to contact our support team for help.

Given the remarkable results Nurosym has had in clinical trials and with our customers around the world, we’re confident in its benefits for helping alleviate burnout.

Our goal will always be to restore our collective health - restoring health for as many people as we can and in turn, restoring the health of our planet.

If Nurosym doesn’t work for you for any reason, we’re happy to send you a refund.  This refund period is available 30 days after the date of purchase and expires the following week (37 days after the date of purchase).

Due to increased demand, orders are now temporarily processed and dispatched within 1-3 business days. We ship worldwide from the Netherlands.

Nurosym is shipped via priority tracked and signed couriers, so delivery times will vary based on shipping location.

Yes!  We offer a one-year warranty with every Nurosym device.

Burnt Out, Exhausted, and Finding it Hard to Pick Yourself Back Up?

If you or someone you know has ever experienced the overwhelming effects of burnout, you understand how impactful it can be in daily life.

The daily struggle of procrastinating when you need to focus, being exhausted when you need energy the most, and being restless when all you want is peace are such that make millions across the globe feel helpless every day.

Burnout can prove to be a challenging condition to diagnose, let alone treat effectively. This situation drives individuals towards short-term solutions that treat symptoms but don’t address the cause of the underlying issue.

Fortunately, recent clinical research has unveiled crucial insights into the roots of burnout symptoms. The persistent feelings of fatigue and being emotionally drained often stem from disruptions in the electrical signals of the nervous system- an unfortunate legacy of our evolutionary past.

 In our fast-paced life, instances of prolonged stress, work-related pressures as well as trauma and societal tensions can cause the immune and nervous systems to work in overdrive.

 Understanding these mechanisms sheds light on the origins of burnout and opens new avenues for effective intervention and relief.

Burnout is a side-effect of our daily lifestyle.

As we move to a more active, or rather, fast-paced lifestyle, we face more stress than any generation before us.

While on the surface, all seems fine and dandy, what’s going on inside is another matter altogether.

Our bodies face severe imbalances and are thus thrust into overdrive.

The very primal mechanisms that have helped us survive through millennia against a host of predators now work against us hurting our mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

This negative impact results in stress which gives way to increased inflammation throughout the body leading to a host of stress-related chronic issues such as burnout- a rather common ailment in society today.

And while common enough to become the new norm, these health conditions are hindering our ability to enjoy a free and fulfilling life.

We at Nurosym believe that everyone deserves to live life on their terms: a life full of good health and abundant energy.

Thankfully, recent scientific breakthroughs have opened up new, non-invasive drug-free solutions that help not only restore health but to keep ailments at bay, making it possible for many a chronically ill patient to reignite the hope for a healthy and happy life.

Stop putting your health and happiness on hold and start the journey to well-being with Nurosym today!

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