I7: Why trust Nurosym?

Gold standard in clinical research

  • Nurosym is a certified medical device, with over $10M deployed in clinical trials, 60+ partner research organisations including Harvard, UCLU, 30+ published papers in leading journals covering our exciting and clinically significant results.
  • This is why Nurosym is the leading non-invasive vagal neuromodulation system used in clinical neuromodulation research and now widely adopted.

Certified medical device with confirmed safety

  • Exposing your nervous system and brain to untested electrical currents can put you at risk of a permanent damage to the brainstem and vagal nerve fibres, worsening your symptoms. Never use or suggest using DIY electrical current devices on your nervous system.
  • Ensuring safety and efficacy requires extensive clinical studies that cost millions of dollars. This is why few Neuromodulation devices have been certified by health regulatory bodies as safe and effective.
  • Beware of websites claiming to deliver benefits from uncertified treatments that present online reviews instead of clinical evidence. Carefully verify if a treatment you’re evaluating is registered as a medical device, which certifies it is safe and effective to use.
  • When considering any health intervention, be sure to evaluate the status of certification, clinical evidence, warnings and seek advice of trusted health care professionals.
  • Nurosym is one of a few registered neuromodulation based medical devices with safety confirmed by regulatory bodies in EU in Randomised Placebo Controlled Studies.
  • Nurosym has a CE Mark in the EU and has been awarded FDA Non-Significant Risk Designation, which both confirm safety of our device.

Proven target activity

  • In addition to safety, it is crucial to consider efficacy of various devices.
  • The fact that a device is delivering a safe electrical current is not enough.
    It also needs to demonstrate that it indeed stimulates the right nerves and activates them. Triggering nerve action potential to fire requires precise waveform, frequency, wavelength and amplitude of electrical signal, as well as a specific stimulation site on the body closest to a particular branch of the vagus nerve.
  • Without clinical data, we cannot know if a device is 1)actually stimulating the right neural pathways 2)not stimulating unintended neural pathway.
  • Nurosym is demonstrated in clinical studies to stimulate the brainstem via the vagus nerve. Our patented waveform that exerts these effects has been developed over 8 years of laborious research with a total cost of over $10M.

Efficacy confirmed in Randomised Placebo Controlled Studies

  • Many devices on the market claim benefits when combined with other practices such as meditation or breathing, which independently provide benefits such as relaxation, anxiety, mood, stress, sleep. This fact makes it hard to discern whether claimed benefits are due to the device itself or the additional practice.
  • What’s more placebo effect is a strong influencer on benefits of numerous devices. Only randomised placebo controlled clinical studies can demonstrate whether a device benefit is independent of the placebo effect. Make sure to verify quality of evidence provided by the manufacturer.
  • Nurosym has demonstrated benefits independent of other practices in a number of Randomised Placebo Controlled Studies.