Auricular Vagal Neuromodulation Therapy (AVNT) reduces Fatigue in One Group Assignment in Post-Viral Syndrome Patients

Pubblicato in: Advances in Neurology and Neuroscience Research


The study investigated the effectiveness of Nurosym Auricular Vagus Nerve Therapy in alleviating chronic fatigue symptoms in patients with post-viral syndrome. Over a 10-day treatment period, patients underwent daily 35-minute sessions. Fatigue levels, measured using the Pichot Fatigue Scale, showed a significant 48% improvement (p<0.0001) by the end of the treatment. The results indicate that Nurosym effectively enhances vagal tone, reducing chronic fatigue symptoms associated with dysautonomia.

Background and aims

The study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of AVNT in relieving chronic fatigue symptoms in patients with post-viral syndrome. Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a complex condition affecting various body systems, characterised by profound fatigue, cognitive impairment, sleep disorders, and autonomic nervous system dysfunction. It is often accompanied by inflammation of the vagus nerve, caused by persistent inflammation in the body, which may result from post-viral complications (post-viral asthenia) and mental stress. Early diagnosis and intervention are key to treating chronic fatigue and preventing it from developing into more serious conditions. The long-term consequences of dysautonomia may contribute to cardiovascular disease and autonomic neuropathy. 


Patients underwent Nurosym stimulation for 10 consecutive days, with sessions lasting 35 minutes each. Clinical assessments were conducted before the first stimulation (day 0), after 5 sessions (day 5), and after 10 sessions (day 10), followed by a 7-day post-stimulation assessment. Primary clinical measures included scores on the Pichot Fatigue Scale. The Pichot Fatigue Scale is a standardised tool used to quantify levels of fatigue experienced by individuals. Secondary clinical results consist of inflammatory biomarkers.


Fatigue decreased dramatically during treatment. This was a major determinant for the sensation of remission.

Evolution of fatigue estimated by Pichot fatigue scale during treatment saw an improvement of approximately 48% (D0 vs. D10, p<0.0001).


The Nurosym neuromodulation improves vagal tone, which can lead to relief from symptoms commonly associated with dysautonomia, such as chronic fatigue.

Parole chiave

Chronic fatigue syndrome; Vagus nerve therapy; Post-viral syndrome; Dysautonomia; Inflammatory biomarkers

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