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Reclaiming Wellness: Journey from Stress & Reflux to Recovery with Nurosym




"I would highly recommend to anyone who has any kind of problems, the nervous system, whether it's ADHD, whether it's work stress, whether it's depression. I would go for it." - Jakub


Jakub's Full Story

Hi guys. My name is Jacob.

Originally I'm Polish, but I've been working internationally as a strategy consultant, in the UK, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, and many other countries.

And because of the experience of my workplace, because of really high stress, and also because of the fact that I have ADHD, I got to this situation in which I had very severe reflux.

I was really stressing out, with my life. I got massive anxiety.

And this, constant push from work to focus, constant push to really deliver more work, really to be better at something. Basically really started destroying my organism.

At a certain point I even started to throw up with blood. Which was a really frightening experience.

And I started thinking, okay, what can I do to really recover? You know, because I started going to many doctors and none of the doctors could give me a simple solution.

Some of the doctors were saying, oh, you should work on your stomach, and got me some medications.

Some psychiatrist was saying, oh, I don't know, maybe you should just take a break.

And I decided I wanted to adopt a more holistic approach. And I wanted to really support my body in the best way.

And I discovered that the main problem that which I have it's actually the problem with my nervous system.

And that's how I discovered Nurosym. It's basically a device that was recommended from my friends.

And I was pretty skeptical because I was from UK, the prices are too high. Atleast you can perceive it as a European.

But I really wanted to adopt a holistic approach towards my treatment and I was really surprised but actually after I would say two or three weeks I started feeling, an instance, I would say like an instant after two or three weeks.

But the improvement each time when I was, putting the device on my ear and I could actually release the tension from my nervous system.

And I can tell you because I've been. Using this device for the last four or five months.

And I applied also other, other methods like cutting completely my previous, work environment, changing my diet, cutting alcohol. But with the Nurosym, I really feel, I achieved the success when it comes to my recovery.

I would say after this four or five months, like 95% recover, recovered, and then whenever I put Nurosym, on my ear and I have this one hour in the morning and then one hour in the evening.

I really can feel, and I can see in my organism that my recovery is basically happening.

And that's why I really, really appreciate Nurosym for what they're doing, their mission, the kind of research that they have, at the leading, you know, international universities that the device is tested.

And I would highly recommend to anyone who has any kind of problems, the nervous system, whether it's ADHD, whether it's work stress, whether it's depression.

I would go for it. I wouldn't basically save your money on your health.

Invest it, because long term, I think you're gonna spend much more on your medications, much more cost of your, I would call it social interactions, where your friends will not be around you because you will be constantly depressed or sick.

And I'm really happy I made this decision, and I highly recommend it to anyone with similar problems.

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