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Managing Stress & Sleep with Nurosym: A Chronic Fatigue Success Story




"I actually would recommend this to my patients. So, it's a really interesting device, lots of research." - Ton


Ton's Full Story

Hey guys, I wanted to share with you my feedback on the Nurosym device I've been using.

I've been using it for my chronic fatigue syndrome.

I discovered the device after looking into vagus nerve stimulation and how many disease processes have been researched to have quality of life improvements when using this device.

And based of all the research I did, this device had the most evidence to support that it worked.

I've noticed better overall management of my mood, stress, and sleep since starting this device.

It's been probably within the first 30 days where I noticed the benefits of this. And I definitely feel like I will continue to use it as part of my daily routine.

I wear it for 60 minutes once a day. Some people that I recommend this to, they do 30 minutes twice a day, but either way, they've had similar benefits.

So much so that I actually would recommend this to some of my patients. So, it's a really interesting device, lots of research.

I think that the future of vagus nerve stimulation is going to become a lot more widespread, and this is definitely the device I'd recommend using for that.

Alright, thank you.

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