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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Bloating, Gas, and Nausea No More: Nurosym’s Quick Symptom Disappearance



"I ordered it online, and I can honestly say, within a few days of using it, the symptoms disappeared." - Lucy H


Lucy's Full Story

"So I've been using [Nurosym; formerly Parasym] now for about a year. And the reason I started using it is because I have suffered for many years with stomach issues and digestion problems.

I'd had umpteen tests from various doctors. I'd been tested for dysbiosis, IBS, all sorts of things been through tests galore.

I've for years, been feeling bloated, gassy, I tried to link it to, was it dairy, was it gluten.

I had all sorts of elimination diets and still kept suffering, there seemed to be no link between what I was eating and the symptoms I was getting.

I would regularly go for colonic irrigation and hydrotherapy to try and resolve these issues that I had and the discomfort and pain and the irregular bowel movements that I had.

And then I finally saw a specialist in London.

He eliminated the fact that it definitely wasn't any sort of bacterial dysbiosis.

He linked it to the Vagus nerve.

And I at first was really sceptical because I'd never heard of the Vagus nerve, I didn't really know anything about it.

He suggested using the [Nurosym; formerly Parasym] device. So I ordered it online, and it arrived.

And I can honestly say that within a few days of starting to use it, the symptoms just disappeared.

I no longer feel the bloating, get the gas or have any of those symptoms or the nausea that I used to have with it.

I just use it for about 60 minutes a day, clip it on my ear while I'm sat at my desk working. You don't really notice you've got it on.

I've got used to it. It's just part of my routine now.

So I haven't been feeling the need to go for colonic irrigation or hydrotherapy in the last year since I've been using it which for me, I was going like once a quarter before.

So it's just been really life changing.

I don't have to worry, you know, the embarrassment in those social situations where you're feeling discomfort, it doesn't impact my life badly in any way.

It's such a part of my routine now and I just get on with it and I wouldn't be without it.

And so I've actually just changed my subscription from my monthly to an outright purchase because it's definitely going to be a part of my life ongoing."

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