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Enhancing Life Quality with Nurosym: A Journey from Chronic Pain to Better Sleep and Mental Clarity




"Thank you so much to Nurosym and I'm so glad I came across them and I will look to use the device now for the foreseeable future" - Daniel


Daniel's Full Story

Hi there, my name is Daniel Tracy. I am from Wales, but I live in Abu Dhabi.

I've been here now for four years as a teacher, and I deal with chronic back pain.

Now, my chronic back pain really affects my sleep, and this is where Nurosym has really changed my life.

So I've been dealing with chronic back pain now for five, six years.

At the start of it, it was really just in the day. I was sleeping very, I was sleeping fine.

That's when I, you know, had to relief from the back pain.

But then it starts to affect my sleep, which is when things kind of start to fall apart, both physically for me and mentally and kind of just consumed my life.

So I was waking up in the middle of the night and I read books on sleep.

If you're not getting enough sleep and you're not getting enough REM or slow wave sleep, then you're affecting your brain's function, you're affecting your mood, your ability to do basic tasks.

So everything was kind of falling apart for me.

And it wasn't great. I, wasn't really living life. I was just drifting through life. And it's a horrible feeling when you're not getting enough sleep.

It really is horrible, especially when it's consistent lack of sleep.

You just feel kind of hung over all the time and you don't really want to do anything which just creates a snowball effect of inflammation and mental health problems, so, and physical health problems.

So I found Nurosym and since I've been using it, it has just given me back my sleep.

I still have, you know, pain here and there during the nights with my sleep, but since I've been using Nurosym, it's just, transformed my sleep.

I have better quality sleep than I used to. And because I'm sleeping really well, there's, you know, less information in the day.

My mental clarity and just mental function, cognitive ability is just where it used to be.

I feel human again. I feel like my life has been, I've been given back my life because I'm a very active person and I love keeping in shape both mentally and physically.

So, Nurosym has helped with dealing with my pain management, and it's helped with sleep management as well.

It's also, I've noticed that it's made me calmer throughout the day, more relaxed, more resilient with stress in life as well.

I'm a teacher, so it's a very stressful job, and I'm dealing with children all day, which is very stressful as well.

So, it's really helped me there, dealing with stress. And I also have a friend, who I refer to buy the device.

Cause he had used my device just for a week to see if it would work. Cause he deals with anxiety and depression.

And he has said since he bought the device, he is far more calmer. He's going to bed.

He's sleep, he's going to bed with less anxiety and he's sleeping much better and just, as I said, he feels more, he feels calmer, he feels more relaxed.

He feels just more focused in life as well. So it is a wonderful device.

And I hope more people can educate themselves on the vagus nerve and how being able to regulate your vagus nerve and stimulate the vagus nerve has the potential to just really enhance your life and improve your life as well if you are dealing with physical or mental, difficulties in your life.

So yes, thank you so much to Nurosym and I'm so glad I've, I came across them and I will look to use the device now for the foreseeable future.

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