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Breaking Barriers: Overcoming Intimacy Challenges with Nurosym Device




"Super happy with things and, really looking forward to helping her (patient) on her journey. And Nurosym has been an important part of it." - Sasha


Sasha's Full Story

Hi, my name is Dr. Sasha and I have been working with the Nurosym device with a patient of mine for about four months.

We have noticed significant improvement with her. So, she really has a difficulty being touched, especially intimately with a partner.

And so, she's come to me to help to desensitize the area so that she can be intimate and be in a relationship and, eventually have babies and all the things.

And so, this is a really important step for her, in that journey. And we use, like, a zero to five scale.

Zero is like no, like she'll get chills and things like that. Chills, no weirdness, no any of that.

Five is max and we don't want five. We want to get it as close to zero as we can. She started threes or fours in most of her body.

And now she is closer to like, I saw her today and it was like a one, one and a half for most areas.

She's a two in just a couple of small areas, but it's made a really big difference and she's able to, she's gone up about 10 points on this.

So from about 24, 25 she was at 35 today. So super happy with things and, really looking forward to helping her on her journey.

And this has been an important part of it. Thanks.

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