I5: Getting started with Nurosym

Watch Dr Denef explain how to use Nurosym:

How to use Nurosym in a few steps:

  1. Apply a bit of moisture on the tragus.
  2. Wear the earpiece correctly on your left tragus, the cable should go over and behind your ear to keep the electrodes in place.
  3. Turn on Nurosym
    Slowly increase energy level until you feel a light tingling sensation in your ear.
  4. Notice how pleasant the sensation of neuromodulation feels. This is a signal that the current is flowing and that your parasympathetic nervous system is activated.
  5. Sit or lie down with the device or perform daily activities while Nurosym works to strengthen your parasympathetic nervous system, decrease inflammation, oxidative stress and activate neuroplasticity to help you feel better.
  6. Notice the sensations of calmness, relaxation, decreased stress, improved mood, more energy flowing into your body.
  7. If you feel the sensation intensifies over time or you stop feeling it, adjust the energy level until you feel a light pleasant tingling sensation again.
  8. Continue using Nurosym every day for 30-60 mins a day, preferably in the morning or split between morning after waking up and evening before sleep and enjoy better health & mood.